Bobblehat: London's First Live Events Advent Calendar arrives in Wimbledon

1st - 24th December 2017

Each festive day, a different door will open unveiling a unique experience. Scattered across bustling Wimbledon, locations could range from an underground car park, an empty shop, a library, a school - even a Windmill!

With no more than a 'hint' available before hand, details of what's behind each door will be kept secret until it opens, and the audience steps into a new world where each space has been transformed for a single evening. Audiences will be invited to lose themselves in a magical forest in an unexpected place, become part of interactive shows, race against time to help Father Christmas, or simply relax and let a live jazz band provide the soundtrack to their night. There really is something for everyone!

And it's free to attend on a first come, first served basis! Does it get much better than that at Christmas time?!

Our elves are busy beavering away behind the snowy-scenes to bring you our new fancy updated website,

with more festive sparkle than you can shake a tree full of tinsel at.

All details about Bobblehat: London's first Live Advent Calendar will be revealed here berry soon.

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Wimbledon Live Advent Calendar

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